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like recording the game with a camera pointing at the screen? cuz i have no capture card


If I do Any% in under 30 I can't submit because my footage can only be up to 10 mins.


play it back on twitch and highlight it


I wasn't being rude, but to prevent this from being an awkward mess I'll be rude. what made you think that was rude, you must be brain dead or something. (was that rude?)

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I'm pretty sure it was Stache who posted the "rude" comment since you didn't say anything rude, and his account doesn't exist anymore.


bruh it passed 4 months and you respond WutFace


If an account gets deleted the forum posts still stay there, but they say "User deleted" where the name goes. If there was a rude comment posted then the post itself was probably deleted, not the account.


I had an old account and deleted it and it deleted all stuff I posted on the forums. Like completely gone not just “user deleted”