Any% in 24m 45s by FadeVanity (Obsolete)

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Double bombless and 424 wtf, this run is literally stupid. I don't think I'll ever try and beat this but we'll see one day.

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Submitted by FadeVanity on

Verified by Gix01 on

Name Duration Finished at
1-1 0m 50s 369ms 0m 50s
1-2 1m 08s 551ms 1m 58s
1-3 1m 09s 131ms 3m 08s
Cannon 0m 50s 918ms 3m 58s
5-1 1m 23s 152ms 5m 22s
5-3 1m 50s 365ms 7m 12s
5-T 1m 44s 701ms 8m 57s
5-4 1m 31s 832ms 10m 29s
5-GH 1m 11s 245ms 11m 40s
Cannon 0m 36s 548ms 12m 16s
8-1 1m 30s 120ms 13m 46s
8-2 1m 37s 529ms 15m 24s
8-7 2m 35s 774ms 18m 00s
8-A 2m 38s 932ms 20m 39s
8-C 4m 06s 416ms 24m 45s