I made it just for fun, so it isn't fully optimized, but still fun to watch, since it obsoleted the previous by a minute. Note that TAS timing starts Power On, not first input on map. The RTA timing 25:33.84

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Hampshire, England

546 cycle without prop and that end of 5-4 = Kreygasm also 513 switch on low%, thats crazy.

good shit, hope to see more :)

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Minnesota, USA

Really cool to watch! Thanks for adding this to the community!

25:33.84 without dying in 5-1, no 5-4 low% skip, and no bombless so sub 25 minutes might be possible

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He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

literally a post from 5 years ago, the tas strats have been improved greatly @JacksonSR

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