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Hey Guys, I came up with an idea for a potential miscellaneous category: acornless%. This obviously means: everything but the acorn/pcorn powerup is allowed to beat the game. I know there have been many requests for very interesting/special miscellaneous categories in the past, but I think this one could fit pretty well into the leaderboards.
I have seen this category in a few Rom Hacks of this game already, and it works well there.
The acorn is a very interesting power up, that makes levels easier and some faster too. I know there's already low%, but that category is just a brutally hard category for most people. In this category, checkpoints would be allowed and you wouldn't die immediately when taking a hit.
I like the idea and I'm curious how you guys think about it.


I like the idea of this. If you would be happy to do a run of this then maybe we might add it as a misc cat. However we are not going to add it as a category if no runs are done/will be done.


Sure, I'll do a run on this. I can't promise it will immediately be super good, but I'll do that today.


Died a few times in the final level (thanks to the awesome bowser junior) and once in 8-1. I believe it was a 52:51


How about the exact rules? When you grab an acorn, is the run invalid, or do you have to take a death? I think the run should be invalid.


Here's my run, not that great but I can easily improve

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I might as well.

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I did a run this is the best run so far


Quick work of advice: the Nabbit Players in NSMBUDX found that without an acorn, it's faster to go through 8-4 than 8-2 & 8-3 when you can't fly over those levels.


Uhh thats been known for a long time it wasnt found by the nsmbudx nabbit players.

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