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Its come to my attention that starting a run at the select screen is very obnoxious because of the cutscene

so I propose we start on first imput idk wether to make the timer start later or not

the timer would start some where near 1:48 if we were to start later

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you are my hero if it gets allowed GivePLZ


well I have a follow up to this the timer would need to start at 1:47. something


probably 1:45 since that is the time you're at when you walk to 1-1


Ill test it a bunch to see what the actual time is


Alrighty I did a bit of testing with loading times and here's what I came up with

First: The opening cutscene goes for around 1:47.16 Im still unsure however because it is so difficult to see

Second: The loading time from first selection to first imput minus opening cutscene is about 5.04. I thought this would be useful because in NSMB 2 the game starts on first imput so most people just start the timer on file select with a -3.27 however in our case it would be -5.04

Update: Under closer examination the opening cutscene actually goes for somewhere inbetween 1:46.95 and 1:47.05


I have a definitive answer. The opening cutscene from file select to first input goes for 1:47.10.
The loading time from file select to first input is 5.04 seconds there fore
if we were to start from first input I recommend starting from file select with -5.04 on the timer that way you start at 0 when you first move in the over world
but if we were to continue having the run start with the cutscene then I recommend starting at file select again but with the timer starting at 1:42.06 that way when you first move in the overworld the timer hits 1:47.10