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There is not a "category extensions of the "New Super Mario Bros. U"?
Would be so nice lol XD


Nice thanks!
Buuuut… why we not put a category extensions in

And by the way, what is "The Both Games"? Lol XD


The reason they don't have it as a SRC page is because it's not popular enough (as Romain said before). If the Docs gets enough people then it will prove people want a CE for this game and it'll hopefully be added then. So I recommend getting involved in the Docs leaderboards.

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Yup and so in the meantime I am keeping track of all of the unofficial meme categories that people have done. Let me know if you've done a run of one and I'll add it.


Okey, okey

In all case, I have a few ideas to new categories, so I can propose runs to be in that Doc?
To start, there are some classics so classic that would be nice to be added also in NSMBWU.

For example:
"99 lives"
I do a run of 99 lives lol XD now I share to YouTube and I do a new thread for that with the video lol XD
I was have thinking that, for example, 99 lives category would be nice to be in a category extensions


would like a multiplayer mode? Is there a reason there's not one already, or could that be a part of that category extension doc?

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