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World speedrun Secret exit
Pays de la Loire, France

How you enter W2, W3, W4 etc.. if you don’t complete the Castle at the end of the World ? Except if you do this from a completed save file

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If this were to become a category it would probably be called All exits just due to the nature of what you said. Honestly this category doesnt seem 100% necessary in my mind because it just seems like we are setting up a mid way between All Castles and 100% which idk about you but All Castles was already the mid way between Any% and 100%

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South Holland, Netherlands

I mean the speedruns on just one world. Leaving the world by using the secret exit. Those are part of the "level runs"

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Pays de la Loire, France

Oh I see.

The « Secret Exit » category on ILs are only for levels with a secret exit. Individual Worlds are not included.

South Holland, Netherlands

Exactly, but it might be a fun way to fill in that catagory that way

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