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Ps: to start, sorry by the bad english, I know i am very bad speaking english. I am spanish and I no speak rnglish so nice. If aomeone prefer, I can traduce all to spanish, or I can prove to use google traductor to traduce all XD. I eait to be understanding :V .

Hi all. For the mods:
I been playing New Super Mario Bros. 2 in my Nintendo 3DS. In one moment, by the way, I start using the "Mini-Mushroom" PowerUp, and with that, I have an idea to a new Category (that in my opinion, is better to put in category extensions):
What avout implement a "Mini-Mushroom%" Category???

I think a little bit of this category, and I have the main/primary rules of the run:


- The levels that you need to beat are the same levels that the any%, starting the time with the exactly frame of yhe first input and finishing the time in the exactly frame that you step on the switch of the Boswer Castle, of the world 6.
It is complety obligatory and necessary to use the warp/secret exit and the cannon of the tower of the world 1, to go to the Mushroom world.

- When you are in the level 1 of the Mushroom world, you also onligatory need to use the secret exit odf that level, to go by the secret eay that go to the level "A".
The important of this secret way is not the level "A", so is not obligatory/necessary to beat this level.

- When you finish the level 1 of Mushroom world with the secret way, you need to ENTER YO THE RED MUSHROOM HOUSE of the way [level 1 - level "A"] , and you only need to TAKE THE "MINI-MUSHROOM" POWERUP, no more.

-After of the Red Mushroom House, simply you need to finish like an Any% the rest of the game WITH THE "MINI-MUSHROOM" POWERUP, LIKE "MINI-MARIO". You need to finish ALL THE REST OF THE LEVELS WITH "MINI-MARIO".

- In all the run, you can ONLY lost the "Mini-Mushroom" Powerup 1 TIME:
If you lost in the middle of the game the "Mini-Mushroom" PowerUp, you need to GO TO THE SECOND RED MUSHROOM HOUSE OF THE LEVEL 1.
To go to this Red Mushroom House, you need to beat the castle of the world 1 with the normal way, the "1-4" with the secret way and the "1-A", being the Red Mushtoom House in the eay of [1-A - 1-Castle].
When you finish the "1-A", you need to take the "Mini-Mushroom" PowerUp of that Red Mushroom House, and when you are "Mini-Mario" simply continue by the level where you lost the first Mini-Mushroom PowerUp.
If you lost the Mini-Mushroom PowerUp without death, you need to suicide in this level to out of that. For example, if you take by the way another PowerUp.

- If you lost 2 times in game the Mini-Mushroom PowerUp of the game, being the second Mini-Mushroom the second of the Second Red Mushtoom House of the World 1, THE RUN IS COMPLETLY UNVALIDED.

END :V (of the rules).

All these are the rules in NG.

Also, there can be "Mini-Mushroom% NG+".


- The Category is the same that the NG category, but in NG+ you play in another save fill that you have finished to 100%

- You need to BEAT ALL THE RUN WITH THE "MINI-MUSHROOM" POWERUP, including to start the run with that PowerUp, in the "1-1".

- You need to beat the levels in the normal order of the any% , the same of the "Mini-Mushroom% NG" , except of the level 1 of the mushroom world: is not necesary to beat the level 1 of the mushroom world with the secret warp.
With the same logic if you prefer, also is not necessary to use the warp/secret way and the cannon of the tower of the world 1.

- In NG+, the time start in the first exactly frame that that you can start moving in the level "1-1". Is not needed to count the time of the load screen. To be much easier to time the run, is complety recomended to start timing in the exactly frame that you press "A" to rnter in the level "1-1" remaining like 6,29 second approximately (this is the time that I crobometer with my nintendo 3DS and my mobile phone :V 😃 XD XD).
The time also finished like in the NG category.
- In this category, you can lost all the times that you need the "Mini-Mushroom". If you lost that, you can go to any Red Mushroom House With the Mini-Mushtoom PowerUp to take that and continue with the level where you lost.
If you lost the Mini-Mushroom PowerUp without death, you need to out od the level manualy with the "start" button or to suicide to out.


The category is like this.

Okey, now:
Pls, for moderators: if a moderator read this, pls answer me what you think about that.
If there is necessary, I can send you a run after of do. The problem that now I no have a good set up to record a Nintendo 3DS runs, vut I will be try to do and to send the run before of September.

Have a good time: