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I really don't know, like maybe saves :
1/2 frames in 1-2
0,7 seconds with perfect jumps in 1-T
Some frames in M-1 and M-2
0,2/3 sec with perfect timing in M-GH
Idem for M-B
At least 0,3 secs in F-A
0,5 sec in 6-GH
0-5 sec in 6-T
1 sec in 6-C
Too lazy to calculate, and probably some of my estimations are wrong, thanks to the people who will answer me 🙂


If the tas used the same timing rules as are allowed to be submitted, then yes, sub 26 would be possible, if it used standard tas rules most likely not.


i dont think it would be possible because a tas would need to start with a fresh coin counter. also standard tas timing would include the cutscene.


why is the rule different for TAS?


TAS runs are timed from the point of powering on a console, usually, whereas RTA runs are timed from first input (usually).

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