Sub 26 would be possible with TAS ??
2 years ago
Île-de-France, France

I really don't know, like maybe saves : 1/2 frames in 1-2 0,7 seconds with perfect jumps in 1-T Some frames in M-1 and M-2 0,2/3 sec with perfect timing in M-GH Idem for M-B At least 0,3 secs in F-A 0,5 sec in 6-GH 0-5 sec in 6-T 1 sec in 6-C Too lazy to calculate, and probably some of my estimations are wrong, thanks to the people who will answer me :)

United States

If the tas used the same timing rules as are allowed to be submitted, then yes, sub 26 would be possible, if it used standard tas rules most likely not.

Minnesota, USA

i dont think it would be possible because a tas would need to start with a fresh coin counter. also standard tas timing would include the cutscene.


why is the rule different for TAS?

Ontario, Canada

TAS runs are timed from the point of powering on a console, usually, whereas RTA runs are timed from first input (usually).

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Maryland, USA

The TAS on youtube has an RTA Timing of 26:50.117, and the TAS Time was 26:50.41. Yeah, you were right.

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Hiroshima, Japan

I think that; +5s cumulative coin addition +2.5s Coin Rush release announcement +1.5s didn't hit the gold block in M-Cannon -13.5s CFW load time so I think the actual theoretical value is about 25:55-56.

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