All Castles - Normal in 1h 02m 17s by Mchan338 (Obsolete)

World 1 was poor, literal god RNG in World 2, lost 4 seconds to Kamek and then end-game was a choke-fest.

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Name Duration Finished at
Acorn Fortress 4m 29s 030ms 4m 29s
Lemmy Koopa 3m 18s 383ms 7m 47s
Cake Fortress 4m 13s 131ms 12m 00s
Rip Run 0m 58s 314ms 12m 58s
Morton Koopa Jr. 3m 55s 348ms 16m 54s
Glacier Fortress 3m 29s 445ms 20m 23s
Wendy C. Koopa 4m 42s 698ms 25m 06s
Sparkling Fortress 3m 41s 767ms 28m 48s
Larry Koopa 4m 38s 065ms 33m 26s
Cake Secret 1m 25s 038ms 34m 51s
Iggy Koopa 5m 08s 100ms 39m 59s
Candy Fortess 3m 29s 812ms 43m 29s
Sumo Fortress 2m 54s 189ms 46m 23s
Roy Koopa 1m 31s 372ms 47m 54s
Meringue Fortress 3m 53s 797ms 51m 48s
Ludwig Von Koopa 2m 38s 472ms 54m 26s
Bowser Jr. 3m 12s 373ms 57m 39s
Peach 2m 56s 932ms 1h 00m 36s
WR Done! 3m 28s 116ms 1h 04m 04s