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I notice there aren't any categories for XBOX N+ columns 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, or 45. Is this because there have not been any runs of those columns yet? or is there another reason to not have those categories?

I intend to do at least one run of each of those columns in the next few weeks, so I would appreciate having categories to submit the runs to. 😃

I've also been thinking about doing a full game run (not including any DLC packs). But I'm going to wait until I see how long the last columns take before deciding if I want to do a run that long.


There aren’t any categories for the columns after column 15 because i didnt want to clog up the leaderboard with empty catagories, also it becomes less about optimized movement and more just trying to not die, but if your willing to post runs of them then i’d be happy to add them, and also a full game catagory (which your insane if you’re gonna run that haha). I’ll add the categories later today or tomorrow.