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Hey everyone,

Now that the event is behind us, we would like to hear from you guys (viewers and participants). What did you guys think ? We are always open to criticism since our wish is to always surpass the previous event, and with your opinions, we can draw a more accurate conclusion and have a better idea of what to work on.

I'll start:
One of the bigger problems for the participants was the brightness level on my TV, which was not adjustable and too dark for a few of the games. Using my TV for the stream setup was a backup option, and a poor one at that seeing how we weren't exactly ready for it. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't raised this concern until the marathon had actually begun. We do agree that it could've somehow been possible to swap that TV out before it affected runs on Saturday evening and Sunday, so we feel pretty bad about that. Personally, I'd like to apologize to Dracula013, AceGamerSam and MastaFredz -- I know how hard it is to see in certain segments of the games you guys were running. We will be sure to use a TV that can be adjusted to the runner's liking in future events.

So, go ahead and throw it at us ! We really want to know what you disliked, but also what you liked so maybe we could improve on and emphasize those even more.

Sentez-vous à l'aise de vous exprimer en français aussi ! :>

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It was overall a great event. I think what of the think missing at the event was an actual couch commentary. Some runners when come time to harder parts of the game or starting to struggle with some tricks stop commenting their run and only focus on the game. So during the time the runner is only focusing on the game, no commentary are made on the run, therefore not helping viewers that doesn't know what happening to understand the run. And for the stream, it could be cool to see the runner more on the webcam, it was a bit too dark

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Hey TM and No Reset Staff!

A lot of what I will say here has already been shared with staff, but I thought I'd drop it in here just to document them and to look back at this thread for next time.

- Apparently, really long HDMI cords were needed to capture HD games, so either have those on hand for next time or find a better set up that allows for any kind of cord to be used.

- If it can even be fixed for next time, the whole streaming from OBS preview was kinda gimmicky because of the mouse hovering on taskbar showing the desktop wallpaper. I think most people just kind of accidentally did that out of habit when using the mouse, which is totally understandable. If there's an alternate way of streaming so that can be avoided, that'd be wonderful.

- Sound issues plagued the first day, but that's mainly due to unfamiliarity with the hardware, but as far as I could tell, it was pretty much fixed from Saturday onwards, so huge props for picking up and adjusting on the fly like that. I'm a little sad my great VVVVVV run was ruined due to that, but it's all good. 🙂

- Dedicated practice setups for runners, at least 2 PCs and 2 CRTs, along with an HDTV and powerbars for all this. I think this was pretty much a given for next time, but just thought I'd throw that in there.

- Better lighting in the runner/commentator area so it's not almost pitch black and only lit by the TVs and I guess the party lights or whatever they are. I think Deln was the one who pointed this one out right away.

- I know this will probably happen for next time, but more than a month's notice would be great to allow more time for runners learning the game for the marathon and for giving enough time for people to plan for that weekend to be free, especially for people travelling from quite a bit away (Elminster MVP).

Overall though, you all did a great job organizing this event in such a short amount of time. Just having the venue at a bar alone is such a chill environment. Having a drink or two or twenty while watching everyone beast mode their game or after your run's over is so cool (well, unless you're Fozzy who makes the brilliant decision to get wasted before his run, ayy lmao <3). Thanks to all the staff for making it an enjoyable event. Really excited for future marathons at that venue, along with LAN ETS and Dreamhack. See you all again soon! 😃

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HeyGuys !

First of all sorry for my english 😛

To be honest, apart of some small things that would maybe help, i loved being with you guys at the marathon i had so much fun ! I know people willl say that i am licking b... but whatever, this was one of the best events i attended in my life!

I think the point i disliked about the marathon was the lack of having someone looking on the chat all the time.. i think it needs that to provide a good feedback on the audience and answering questions that we couldn't answer. like someone should check on chat because if something happens, like on friday you guys knew about the audio issue but didn't talk about it for 3 hours then said that you were fixing it. I think this ''harmed'' a bit the viewer count for friday.

Secondly, don't be mad at me but i think a bot for !schedule command and maybe some timed announcement would be better than buttons at the bottom of the stream. People are not watching those buttons they are watching the stream ans scrolling down is a pain in the ... for lazy people. On stream people was always asking for the schedule and any outsider didn't knew what the heck we were doing this marathon for.

for the rest, i think everyone above did say what i was thinking about writing here so i guess this is it !

Thanks again for having me on this marathon, i'm so happy that i was able to put a face on some names and helping for a good cause! i will surely submit a game for the next one (maybe axiom verge if i can finish the game by then 😉 ) Keep on the good work.

P.s : i hope you guys aren't too mad at me for saying all that BibleThump

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(edited: )

Here's some feedback I got from Reddit :

If the stream is not dedicated towards French speaking users then I recommend changing the info and links at the bottom of the stream from French into English. It makes it more likely that people will donate and/or follow the channel.


On the same point of donating, the method of donating to the cause was pretty hard to find. To quote the blog post on Axiom Verge's website : "To designate your gift to the Kernicterus Center, go to “Gift Designation”, choose "Other, Specify below" in the dropdown menu, and then write underneath in the “Comments” field “Kernicterus – In honor of Alastair Happ”."

I don't think anyone knew about this, and it wasn't written anywhere on the twitch profile.


maybe have the info section in french and english would probably work out.


I've watched a lot of marathon on Twitch but this was the first I was able to attend.
Big S/O to the No reset staff, it was a blast!

Sure, there were some flaws, but as Gvirus said : Better than the last, worse than the next. This was mentionned earlier but more couch commentaries would be nice, especially in long runs (speaking of long runs, nearly 4 hours on this chair was a pain in the ass, litteraly)

Great experience! Was fun meeting all of you people!

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Yo tout le monde,
voici mes points concernant le marathon.

Je tiens d'ailleurs a remercier l'organisation d'avoir permis de faire notre run dans la langue qu'on voulait. Étant donné que je déconne tout le temps durant mes run, j'aime mieux faire mes calls en francais qu'en anglais.

1-La capture card HDMI : C'était vraiment difficile de jouer sur le preview screen étant donné que la tv avait de l'input lag.
J'étais pas trop hype a faire la run mais après j'ai fait, bah who cares j'vas juste déconner pis
prendre mon temps.

2-Audio: Pour les problèmes d'audio , la balance de ma run était parfaite mais ce ne fut pas le cas pour tout les runners.
Après la première journée çà s'est régler,c'était bon. //// Faudrait peut-être qu'on revoit pour un routing de câble
plus optimal. Question audio j'peux vraiment donner un coup de pouce étant donner que je travaille en studio
alors le câblage ça me connait.

3-Donations: Savoir comment faire une donation était plus ou moins clair pour ma part. J'suis allez sur le site et il y
avait une checkbox avec 3-4 trucs différents. Supposément fallait cocher ''autre'' et dire dans les
commentaires que le don allait a tel département. Selon moi c'était vraiment confusing.

4- Setup times: Le temps des setup était chaotique.On disait que c'était toujours une surprise si on va avoir du son ou de
l'image entre chaque setup.
J'ai aimer l'ambiance du bar dans lequel on était, c'était petit mais ca avait un certain cachet.
J'ai aimer l'attention porter au runners en fournissant du Monster gratuit.
Le micro headset qu'on avait sonnait crissement bien.
Love NoReset , j'adore la gang et puis on commence a apporter du nouveau monde j'aime ca.

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skateman pretty much said it all, also I'm so damn excited that we're getting bigger and bigger by the event ❤️ <3

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