In Japan, the title of the grotesque regulation
"No More Heroes:Heroes' Paradise (ノーモア★ヒーローズ (英雄たちの楽園) ”,
but in this case the NMH2 boss will not appear.
There is also a banned version of "No more Heroes: RED ZONE".
In this case, 2 bosses will appear. Also, you can do gyro operation etc.
With this SRC, can I apply for both versions? Or is the former or the latter in the form of NG?


Those are good questions. Most people here do not own Japanese "Heroes' Paradise (ノーモア★ヒーローズ (英雄たちの楽園)" or Red Zone, so it has not been an issue until now. I actually just played Japanese Heroes' Paradise, and know how different it is. We have not really talked about it, so we are not fully sure what to do.

I do not own Red Zone, but I have heard that it is the same as the US/EU Heroes' Paradise. I think Red Zone should be good to submit as long as you mark the Region as "Japan." Japanese "Heroes' Paradise (ノーモア★ヒーローズ (英雄たちの楽園)" is something we are not sure about, but it is slower and different in many ways, so it might be best to run only Red Zone while we figure it out.

We have a Discord channel, if you want to see some of the discussions there. It is nice to see more people interested in running.

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Thank you for your polite reply.
After the question, when I tried to play both, I couldn't play unless the shortcut and mission were RedZone. This version was the same as the version you were playing, so No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is definitely slow, and the enemy behavior and some moves are slightly different. Unlike RedZone and overseas versions, I thought that the difficulty was slightly lower in the Japanese version.

Either way, I'll try it with RedZone. It is very convenient to charge the controller by vibrating it.