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Can you add subcategories based on if you did the levels as Samus or the Gunship?

Also, can you add the option of having co-op, probably as a part of the above subcategory? This game has it, so there's no real reason not to.

If you don't know how to add subcategories, I can do it. I wouldn't even care if I was removed afterwards, although I'd probably make some more categories while I was in there (only new stuff, no changes to what you have).


Can I get a response please? If a moderator says that they don't want to make these categories I (somewhat) understand, but I don't see any reason not to make them.


The changes have been made. This game doesn't have much activity so that's why the response took its time.


I'd fine that a better excuse if the samus/gunship variable wasn't brought up in a 7 month old forum post by someone else.


hey speaking of which how would someone do a gunship co-op or is there no difference from samus?


You can't, co-op requires the gunship. The admins just didn't add the subcategory right.


Can co-op be moved to being a part of the Gunship/Samus subcategory? I did a run with CountGooby, but we need to have duplicate runs on the leaderboard and there's no way to tell that we did it together.

edit: Also because it's otherwise impossible to have ONLY Samus or ONLY Gunship in co-op