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The Abyss

1h 34m 34s
1h 21m 07s

The Man with the Guardian Spirit

Isle of Demons

Deep in the Shadows

The Spirit Stone Slumbers 4m 22s

The Silver Mine Writhes

The Ocean Roars Again

Spider Nest Castle

Falling Snow

The Demon of Mount Hiei

The Iga Escape

Memories of Death-Lilies

The Defiled Castle

Immortal Flame


The Source of Evil

A Defiled Holy Mountain

The Samurai from Sawayama

The Demon King Revealed

The Queen’s Eyes

Yokai Country

The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle

Spirit Stone Huntress

The Siege of Osaka (Winter)

The Scion of Virtue

The Sanada's Resolve

Resentment Unleashed

The Last Samurai