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Thread: New categories

Started by: AbsolutionAbsolution

I second this


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Thread: Video Game Questionnaire

Started by: Lance_Lance_

Favorite Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radience
Least Favorite Game: I can't even remember it at all
Favorite piece of music from a game: All songs from Banjo Kazooie
Favorite Video Game Level: The Forest of Hope - Pikmin
Favorite video game mascot: Does Stormtroopers count?
A game that you like but no one else does : Clu Clu Land
A game that you don't like but everyone else does: Binding of Isaac
What game do you think is underrated: Catherine
What game do you think is overrated: Mega-Man 2 (Mostly beacause I'm bad at it)
What Game did you most recently play for the first time: Pokémon Art Academy


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Thread: Happy New Year

Started by: Trollbear666Trollbear666

Happy New Year!

Goals: Beating all my PBs and stream more


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Thread: Post speedgames only you run/ran!

Started by: DaccioxDacciox

- Bardbarian
A kind of Tower Defence like game, but not really, but still, it's fun


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Thread: Introduce yourself!

Started by: HalodudeHalodude

Hello, I'm ninjahenrik!

A 22 years old swede.

I watched ADGQ 2014 after being introduced to it by some friends of mine, and after watching ESA 2014/2015 I was hooked. A few days after ESA 15 I started to give speedrunning a try and hot dayum it's fun. I mostly run indie games like Rogue Legacy and DLC Quest.

I was just browsing around on this site when I saw that people was speedrunnning one of my childhood favs: Kirby's Dream Land! Need to play it way more but my freetime is limited so I'm happy whenever I can play


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Thread: Well, hello there

Started by: ninjahenrikninjahenrik

Hello I'm ninjahenrik! I've been watching speedruns for a while now but decided to try it after watching ESA 2015. I mostly speedrun Rogue Legacy and Metal Slug X so far. When I have a better setup (and computer) I'm gonna try out some console games.
So yeah, that's me and once again, hello everyone!