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Well... Collisions are now glitched because of the scratch update... I think the game is dead or we need to do 1.0 and 2.0 categories


game dead I'm the only one WR HOLDER FOR THE ENERNITY mahuhauhau !!!1!1!!


agreed, collisions are messed up to the point where my guy glitches through the floor everytime I do anything. I may have an old project with 1.0 collisions but if I don't 1.0 is dead and we need to make a new category.


it turns out that I did have an old copy however the new hitboxes still apply, (even with the older scratch for me, it may have auto-updated though.) so unless we can get our hands on an old version of scratch were screwed.


I've found an old version of the scratch editor :
download it from there and it should work! (download link is below the 2nd option thing