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Considering RPCS3 existence, I have been lurking around this board a lot and in hope to see some NGB runners to get in and such.

I am surprised that no one even bothered to route this game esp the fact that you can quick use items..etc.

Is there any practical reason why ?

I may consider develop this game so it can be as optimised as black if RPSC3 decide to serve well on my third world party laptop.


I had routed it out and found a lot of problems with the game. First off, emulated runs would most likely not be allowed due to potentially unfair loading times over consoles and for RPCS3 currently you need a pretty decent computer just to run most games on it so it would not be practical. Also, the last time I checked out the game in emulation about two weeks ago, it was still not 100% perfect and contained some glitches still.

The loading in this game is horrendous, there is no way around it. Even with the game installed onto the drive in the options it still frequently loads in the middle of stages and usually at the worst possible time, like when trying to get over the trap door in the first level or just as Spider Ninja's attack.

There are also gameplay mechanic changes as well, such as Ryu not rolling out of danger which was faster but instead doing a handspring which is slower and does not let you attack as fast, leaving you in situations where you are forced to constantly block and not even be able to get a counter out.

There's more but that's the quick and easy of it. I had planned to give this one a go but with so many problems I abandoned that idea.


Personally, I am down to adapting the gameplay regardless of its change.

The RPCS3 does experience the loading in the middle of stages as well. I do own the console version copy (but dead PS3) and in comparison of RPCS3 they are literally the same thing. The only approach for that manner is really upgrading to SSD drive (This has always been a factor for the most games to begin with no matter which platform).

As for my progress for this game's routing for now. What I could do for this game now is only build up the route through observation unfortunately unless I get an upgrade with a Laptop/PC that doesn't get bottleneck'd with PS3 emulation or by miracle PSN download in PS4 or a miracle PC port.

The best I could do right now is probably to advertise this game on my channel in order to get people interested to run this game.

A shame that it won't exceed the quality of NGB but it is what it is.


Another post for the update.

Made my first few runs on this game yesterday. It was quite an experience. I will have to agree Worsel5 that emulator runs should not be allowed for now. The Hardware advantage will def be insane for this game.

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