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So what counts as a glitch?

Does looping Zedonius in his stagger count?

What about fight despawns or trick jumps to not trigger encounters?


1: OOB glitches or skips like the balcony skip in Chapter 3
2: Invincibility Glitch


Chapter 10 staircase door skip is ok?


>Chapter 10 staircase door skip is ok?
Good question, but you are reaching an area that is normally out of bounds to enable the skip. Like walljump off the side onto those pillar of rocks to get the extra wallrun over the door.

When I say trickjumps, I mean bypassing a fight trigger without going oob to do it like after the second forced fight in ch1 or this one in ch3 in the ng2 no damage run.

Fight despawns are sorta questionable imho. It seems to abuse the memory saving/loading techniques of the game engine to force fight despawns like this in the ng2 no damage run. I haven't started doing glitchless runs yet so I haven't put much thought into the subject.


Yeah no because you go out of bounds and deload the enemies.