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¤ Anyone that wants to discuss rules / rulings on categories or suggest rules and/or categories, can do so here.

~ Basic Rules for all runs ~
¤ Runs are required to be submitted with RTA, and verifiable in-game time where applicable.

¤ Make sure that you submit the proper platform and Version played.
Non-JPN versions are "Gestalt".
JPN versions are "Replicant".

~ Categories ~

¤ Any % - this is the default New Game run from the very begin to the end using a fresh file.

¤ True Ending - this is the Final Ending of the game, which Starts from a fresh file.

¤ New Game+ - this is a continuation of a previously beaten file.

~ M A S H


Categories were moved around and runs may have been orphaned in that event.
Changes were done to better organize the leader-boards and make room for "World of Recycled Vessel" DLC categories. Full game runs are now where they should be again.


Allot of updates have happened to the site and with the board functions etc, So I'll be looking to familiarize myself with these changes and additions and hopefully update the boards allot better for future runs to be submitted and by others that may be interested.


Rules of all the Main categories have changed, the Japanese version will be added as separate categories when runs are submitted for the games current categories in which they will be moved. There will be some variance in the versions but getting your in-game time will be different for ps3 version runs.


Main Categories will be changing when time will stop for RTA runs.
Currently it is once the final save is made,
if will be changing to the last meaningful input/lose of control for the respective categories.
Any% - Time will stop after name entry once the player loses control and the cutscene starts.

Obviously all the currently submitted runs will have their submitted times changed to reflect the official change once this is implemented pending proper rule and wording updated. Submission videos will still be required to include the final save to be shown for verification purposes.

The reason for this change is to eliminate the added time from unskippable cutscenes and credits at the end after the player no longer has control.

All other categories that are not Any% will follow a similar change in when time will stop that reflects the same changes to Any%. NG+ will adopt pretty much the same changes where as True Ending will stop once the player confirms the last time after name entry that triggers the final ending.

Since we were already primitively using RTA rather then the original IGT for runs this was only natural that the end timing would change. This decision while it has taken a long time it was being discussed for a good amount of time with most people including my self that we change it to where the player no longer has control/meaningful inputs to be made.
Removing the added time for unskippable cutscenes and credits compared to the original timing that was adopted from SDA.

Along with some of these changes we are still looking at some new verification standards to bring to the board and how we would like to word the new rule changes to be clear and not mistaken from new or older runners.

If you would like to discuss this or anything else pertaining to NieR, you can find myself and the other runners inside the NieR Speedrun Discord and talk to us.


Rules to when Time Stops have been changed for the following Categories,
Along with some re-clarifications and wording adjustments that were long overdue.

New Game+
True Ending.

Time no longer stops on the final save for Any% and NG+,
Time no longer stops on Title/Main Screen for True Ending.

Instead they stop after you have confirmed your chosen name for the run file,
In which the Cutscenes immediately start then followed by credits etc.

You will still need to show the Last Save for Any% and NG+,
True Ending will still need to show up till the Title/Main Screen appears.

I have personally adjusted all RTA runs to accommodate for this change which means I have re-verified all the recent runs.
If you have any concerns regarding these changes please let my self or Dale, best place to reach us or others is in the NieR Speedrun Discord:

I do keep an eye on SRDC from time to time as always and my twitter so those are also options.
❤️ Stay Sexy