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NGR Marathon:

NGR Marathon is a speedrunning marathon to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you want to join the NGR Discord the link is right here:

The marathon itself is held for 3 days every season, and contains runs for 12 hours each of the 3 days. It is a stream in marathon so you can participate from anywhere as long as you are able to stream to twitch. If you are interested in running the marathon, please join the discord link above.

NGR Rules:
-Have common sense
-emotes are allowed
-Spamming is allowed when appropriate
-Dont become a meme
-Have fun!!!!!

If you would like to donate during the marathon, the link to the charity is provided here:

List Of Donators:

Last but not least i would like to thank all of the NGR Community for all their support, without them the dream would not be a reality.