All times are in UTC.
Friday, 20th July 2018
Sonic Robo Blast 2
Beat the Game (Any%, Sonic) - RefragRefrag
Forgotten Maiden (Any%) - IIvgmIIIIvgmII
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Mario World
11 Exit - Xein64Xein64
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD
Any% (Beginner, PS4) - desa3579desa3579
Saturday, 21st July 2018
Wii Sports Resort
All Sports - KingJ0444KingJ0444
Sonic CD 2011
Beat the Game (Sonic) - JasperTheFishJasperTheFish
Five Nights at Fuckboy's
100% (No Debug Room) - KyretteKyrette
snore........ - Everyone
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2
Colin McRae Rally 04
2WD Championship (Normal) - Thebpg13Thebpg13, LonneLonne
Sonic Adventure (DX)
Amy's Story - NiczurNiczur
Super Metroid: Project Base
SpongeBob HeroPants
Super Mario Odyssey
Final Fantasy VII
Any% (PC, Free FPS) - SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon
Sunday, 22nd July 2018
New Super Luigi U
Any% (Nabbit Only) - KingJ0444KingJ0444
Super Mario 64
70 Star (CCCless) - KingJ0444KingJ0444, KyretteKyrette
snore.......... - Everyone
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
All Dungeons - Yandema211Yandema211
Duck Life
100% (No Major Glitches) - KyretteKyrette
Cars: Mater-National
Required Events (Modded) - Jak8Jak8
Disney Epic Mickey
Super Mario Bros.
Warpless - Xein64Xein64
Monday, 23rd July 2018
Super Mario Bros.
Mario Kart 8
32 Tracks (200cc) - KingJ0444KingJ0444, KyretteKyrette
Super Mario 3D World
Secret Ending - Everyone
The times may change as the marathon goes on, so keep an eye on this.