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Hi again,
The only reason I'm interested in running this game is because of Ayane ('cause she's best girl). Anyways, just in general (when not playing as Ryu) I struggle to fight against Alchemist outside of spamming UTs. I was watching Shin's Ayane Chapter Challenge run and notice he seems to UT straight into an Izuna drop on the Alchemists on Day 2. Is there a certain button combo on how to do that? I can't seem to figure it out.

PS - thanks from before, Shin for the speedy reply; really helped out.


After a charged UT just press heavy attack again for the izuna as Ayane goes up. So afterwards she'll izuna instead of just do the sword drop. Ayane beats Alchemist a bit better than Kasumi because of this lol.

Glad you have interest in running the game! Chapter Challenge is definitely a fun run!