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I'd like to make a few suggestions to make it easier to get your runs verified and avoid being rejected. These are all completely optional but are a way to help both you and the mods.

These are not "rules" and are not a means for rejection by themselves. But they are all advisable and helpful in proving legitimacy in your submissions.

Please note, these are all general suggestions, and not specific to NG3 or any particular game.
-- Only submit the PB run itself, along with the required reset beforehand. Adding any ending to the vod is up to you. But I'd recommend including at a minimum, 5 seconds worth after the final split.
Be sure to exclude any other videos or other runs before or after the run itself.

-- Having the controller/ keyboard clicks audibly in the vod is very helpful. This makes it easier to line up your movements in the game with the actions on your controller or keyboard.

-- Add some form of communication option in your Speedrun profile. So if a mod has a question, they can contact you directly. Otherwise, they have to reject your run just to tell you something.

-- Handcams or whole body cams (waist up) that capture your controller are a great means to verify legitimacy. Along with button inputs on screen.

-- Include the game audio, straight from the game, as you are playing it.

-- Do not cover the game screen with anything during the run, like extra windows, other videos, etc. Certain games may have moving parts or indicators that mods will look for to verify legitimacy. If parts of the game are covered up, it can be harder to detect if a run is spliced or cheated. Which means the likelihood of a run being rejected is higher.

-- Frame-counting a vod is generally a good idea. It takes only a minute or so to do it and can help in distinguishing time accuracy. It can help distinguish between 2 people with the same ranking for example and is usually a requirement for the top 5 or so placements.
If you want more info on this, please contact me or ask about it on here.
I'll add more suggestions as I think of them. But again, these are all generic, they are not rules, and are just meant to help everyone out.

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