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I just recently joined the speedrunning community mainly because of this game!

I have several questions regarding the cars and using a timer when I start.

What cars are recommended to use during The Run for best speed and handling?

And I use LiveSplit for timer and I have seen that I am able to manually make splits,pauses and etc. but I am worried that I might press it too early or too late. Is there any way to make the timer automatic or do I have to do it manually?

Sorry for any grammar mistakes and take care everyone!



It depends what category I'll start off with Any%. Also sorry for the long detailed description maybe someone will come along and shorten it but I like explaining my points fully.

Porsche 911 Carrera S - This is mostly what I've seen the community use mostly because of it's normal handling, okay acceleration and very good top speed. For any% I'd say this is decent but others will say it's the best so it depends and also how experienced you are with the game too. I feel like it will start dropping a bit in stage 3 because that is mostly top speed but you would have weak nos so I don't think you'd get up to top speed consistently so I wouldn't see the point, it's a good car for people who play on difficulties like normal and hard so I'd recommend if you play on those difficulties.

BMW M3 GTS - This car is very good for beginners since the handling is easy, acceleration is somewhat better than the Porsche 911 Carrera S by a little bit but has somewhat neutral top speed. In Any% it would be good for the most part but it will stiffen up on difficult corners despite it being easy to handle ironically. This car I'd say is good for beginner players or you can use it regardless though.

Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Very iffy with other people but I'd say it's perfect for Any% if you are quite knowledgeable about the physics in this game. Why I'd say it's good because the acceleration first off is what you need for a category like this in my opinion. The bad things about it on the other hand is the handling, it isn't something that will be simple to use so at first you will think it's shit but you just need to learn how to use this car and I'd say it's recommended if you play the extreme difficulties. Top Speed is also pretty low so you have to keep a good speed consistency on top speed tracks at all times otherwise you lose time.

I can explain NG+ and Extreme but I think they're kind of explanatory in itself but if you want me to explain I will. Again sorry for the long explanation.


Thank you for replying! No worries about the long description! The more detail the better! I started using Porsche 911 because of speed and it handles very decent! Better then I expected! Best run I got was 2:01:30 (in-game time) but that was when i was trying to learn "fake" shortcuts so i think I can get much better time! Thank you for the fast and detailed reply!



I recently Got into speedrunning and wanted to know if I can Upload my video Link From my mixer platform. I've had this account for 1 month and I prefer it over Twitch and would appreciate it if I could still submit with the account.

Thank you in advance 🙂


I mean as long as Mixer has support for permanent VODs i dont see why not. I personally dont use mixer so i am not sure how that works, i would probably advise using YouTube to upload your runs

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