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Hello, I was wondering if running this game on let's say Dolphin (Gamecube emulator) is allowed. I did have one run on Any% Glitchless that was 9+ hours but since the game crashed at the final cutscene it was invalidated.

Since I don't want to go through another 9 hours without knowing if the game is going to crash in the end or not I want to know if it's legal to speedrun it through an emulator, thus preventing that risk of the game crashing.

Thanks in advance!


from a rules perspective only, there's an emulated IL for NFS:C challenge series by @Lonne, so you're good as long as you follow common sense (no speed modifications, no savestates, no emulator exclusive glitches, etc).

as for the practicality, you're going to be lucky to hit 100% speed, and even if you do, NFS games have been confirmed by a QA tester in a reddit AMA to be developed PC first and then ported to console:

Originally posted by /u/Junoviant on reddit4. PC builds are made first and then ported to console. Every console game ever made by EA is made on pc then we add in the certification stuff like logos and button callouts. PC is also impossible to nail down for that reason - as everyone has different specs, we never really know what we will encounter in the wild so to speak.

so if the game crashes on PC, it would have very likely crashed on console too.

if you have any questions in the future, please join the discord in the sidebar, no one really uses SRC forums.