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Thanks !

SO, about the run :

- Could have been a sub 6:10 with some better pursuits. But sometimes I just had enough of that shitty RNG the game gives you.

- I didn't timed loadings properly, but only with faster loadings and menus, PC could have been better by 5 minutes, at least.

- I didn't used the U2 bonus cash, since it was allowed after I started this run. Might have a 1 minute gain, maybe more, maybe less, I don't know.

- Only one circuit has not been glitched in the run : Izzy's 'Omega'. Glitching it is slower overall (on console - maybe on PC it's better by a bit)

- On a RTA run, glitched menus don't reset unless you exit the game. I obviously did, so I kept unglitched menus each time I changed a value on a track. I lost between 20 and 30 seconds because of that.

- Overall, a sub 6 might be possible on PC, but it will never happen on a RTA run anyway ^^

The run in numbers :
- This attempt took me 44 days. Adding to this all my failed ones, it represents around 130 days.
- 122 segments
- 2 cars used (without M3 GTR at the start and end)
- 2 glitches used (Fastlap & Master glitch)
- 100+ hours played
- Infinite number of resets Kappa

This was my first big speedrunning project, and I'm happy I've done it to the end, because it was tough with all the dramas happening here. Thanks for everyone who helped me in any way, it was great !

Now it's time to get a pause, I'll re-run NFS games someday when I'll get a good PC.


Yay, congratulations 🙂

EDIT: Just noticed that 6:11 is with loads, so it should be sub 6 hours without loads.


Yeah, but I won't bother to calculate load times ^^
I don't think we'd have to calculate without loads tho, too much work for getting it. If at least there was an IGT...


Congratz Seven, nice run