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4th place player lorwdnic used modded M3 GTR.

M3 GTR which we won from Razor have Nitrous on 1st lvl and it is empty very quickly.
He have very good NOS, also have 300+ when he pass through tunnel. M3 GTR isn't as fast as on his video! This player used mods for Junkman parts for M3 and the rules are:
"No Junkman M3".

Sorry for my English. I'm from poland 🙂

Also I want to submit my run 5:21:31 but it's not submitted already. I waiting so long :c
That's my run:


Regarding your run. You submitted it yesterday. Please be patient thank you.
As for the run in question. Im talking with a few runners to gather opinions


Oh now I'm read that you submit run after 1-3 weeks. Sorry for my inpatient 😕

Anyway. This guy had 325kmh when he exit from tunnel. I tried to do the same and check this:

Also please take a look on Nitro. My nitro end in 3 sec. His in 5sec.
There's no way to improve performance in M3 GTR. We only can modify the paint, decals etc.
So he must have used mod or trainer for junkman parts for M3 which is breaking the rules.


Yeah definetely thats not normal BMW


After looking at the run in question and speaking with other runners, we have come to the conclusion that the run in question does use a M3 with Junkman components, I have gone ahead and removed the the run in question.

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