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Blacklist 15: Sonnie

I tried to glitch all the events that are available at the beginning of the game that includes:
Circuit Event: 1 2 3 14 15
KO Event: 1 5 8
I glitched them in the order as mentioned above, BUT if you glitch them all only the KO event of Ronnie will be glitched and the Circuit event will be normal.

If you only glitch event 1 of Circuit and KO (For Sonnie) both work
That would imply that only a certain amount of tracks can be glitched at once!

It seems it depends which district the events are in.

Circuits and KO are independent of each other.
BUT If I glitch any other events than Circuits 1 2 3, for example 14 and/or 15 additionally to 1 2 3 the Events 1 2 3 wont be glitched anymore. 1 2 3 are in a separate District than 14 and 15. It seems you cant glitch different Districts within Circuits.
Glitching KO Event: 1 5 8 did not have any affect on the KO Event it glitched normally although the events are in different districts, which leads me to believe it might be because the are single digited.
Contrary Circ. have event 14 and 15 that break glitched event 1.

Autosafe off, reload the profile glitch still active!
If you turn off the game glitches are OFF.

Best Results so far:

Blacklist 15 Sonnie:
Glitch Event 1 from Circ. and KO and his boss races
Both Events of Sonnie can be glitched before you start the career (Must be included in the RTA Timing! Cursor starting at Quick Race, timer starts when you click on Quick race)

Blacklist 12 Izzy:
Glitching izzys 1v1 circuit race available once you can challenge her.

Blacklist 11 big Lou:
glitch his bossraces after he gets available for a challenge.


To avoid any problems, the best thing to do is to glitch the tracks you want to play, when you need to glitch them.
By doing that you have only one entry in the menu per blacklist member, and anyway, doing more than is ofc slower.

As far as I am atm (#12), every track is glitchable, but Izzy's 1v1 circuit can be glitched only when the 1v1 is possible, not before. This is the only exception and it means that 'Omega' circuit in her requirements is not glitchable because it would be a time loss.

I can add also that you can glitch #14 races ever easier, because you have to go in the safehouse to select the Golf. SO it's even faster.

I'm still continuing my run, and I'll inform you of which tracks can be glitched or not.


"Izzy's 1v1 circuit can be glitched only when the 1v1 is possible, not before. This is the only exception and it means that 'Omega' circuit in her requirements is not glitchable because it would be a time loss.
" means?
Does that mean you would need to exit out again after her requirements because you can only glitch her race when you can challenge her?


There is only 1 circuit, called 'Omega', on Izzy's requirements. You can glitch it as soon as you beat Vic.
BUT, the circuit 'Diamond', on which you race 1v1 with Izzy, is unlocked when you've won 4 races + done the milestones....

And as it's a time loss to go in the menu more than once, we have to choose which race to glitch. And the choice is quickly done, as Diamond 1 lap time is close to 2 mins.


how much time does it take to get from the world map, do the glitch and back to the career did you time that already?


It depends on how many tracks you want to glitch.
For 1 track count 35-40 seconds (on X360, PC should be faster due to loading, but by 5 secs max.)
Then add 5-6 seconds for each more track you want to glitch.

If we play the 'Omega' circuit glitched, it's 15 seconds slower than doing the usual races (quickly timed that, might be slightly different, but you can't gain time, unless I messed up my calculations really hard.)


I will do a slow step by step play trough with glitches tomorrow see what i can find, thanks for your input!


It's the same problem for Big Lou.
You can't glitch both 1v1 circuits till you've done all requirements.


Well, but glitching both circuits saves like ~ 5-6 minutes. Worth anyway 😛


Yeah I didn't say that we shouldn't glitch these ones ofc ^^
But the only circuit in the requirements can't be glitched because it's time loss.


I played the whole run, bosses that unlock late are the last 3 and izzys,big lou event


Big Lou's 1v1 tracks are unlocked late too.


Local recording looks so much better than the stream 😃


Im looking for a trainer that lets you cheat in 1.2
unlock money cars bounty.. whatever you can find 😉


For izzy circuit 6 omega seems not worth glitching
c7 diamond for the bossfight is worth it unlocked when you can challenge her

For Big lou circuit 8 hillcrest boundary seems not worth glitching
c9 and 10 for the bossfight is worth it unlocked when you can challenge him


If I want a really good run i should do a segmented 100% to choose glitches and races properly ^^
EDIT: Seven do you have a excel file with all your times of your current Segmented run?
IT takes me less than 30 seconds to quit out of worldmap and glitch 1 race and startup a new race


Check the guides section.


Thanks Ewil, I just wasnt sure how up to date that stuff is, btw seven that Excel ist amazingly similar in times to mine 😉


Well that means that you're doing good 😃 (no I'm not promoting myself ^^)

Saw your message too late about the time you need to glitch the events. Anyway we know that 2 entries in the menu is too slow but we can glitch as much as we want in one shot. So the thing is just to know what can be glitched and most important, when.
Working on it but it's quite long to do it.

BTW, the times you see aren't my segmented times. These are just times I did when I de-rusted on the game half a year ago.
Most of the tracks are 10 secs faster.
I'll upload this night my Intro/#15 segment, so you'll be able to compare much properly, but please note that my times aren't perfect. I just try to drive cleanly as much as possible.


yeah my times are also first try times


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