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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Availability Date  
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Underground Underground 100% 5:35:00 PC Link first. gotta have me filling some overnights :D 0
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Career any% NG+ 0:15:00 PC Link RX8 > Audi 0
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon NFSCO Summer Tournament (Exhibition) 3:00:00 Link it went so well in 2019, why not do it again in 2020? :) 3 segments of 1h each (2 semifinals & 1 finals) 0
EwilEwil Need for Speed: Underground 2 Career any% 7:00:00 PC Link It's pretty much everyone's favourite NFS game, although a bit long. I will play eurobeat music while playing and since my speech has improved significantly (I still stutter, but it's much less), I will be talking more. Co-commentator would still be nice though, to keep the crowd entertained during long URLs :) 0
EwilEwil Need for Speed: Underground 2 Stage 0+1 0:12:00 PC Link Race with Renason if Career any% will not be accepted 5
LonneLonne Need for Speed: Underground Rivals Quick Play Battle NG+ 0:20:00 PSP Link George said he was going to steal my children if i didnt 0
DOHCGAMINGDOHCGAMING Need for Speed: The Run The Run 3:05:00 PC EUR Link It's a nice simple speedrun for people to watch and try if they really want to. Also has a very questioning plot that's always protecting the main character for some reason, can have instances of the famous ridiculous and unbeatable rubberband (mostly by cops). Much more that can only be described within and playing the game with the worst RNG possible to go with it too LUL. 1 Preferably any day but time during the day around 8 pm - 12 am. (1 am at a push if there's a time table struggle if that helps somehow) BST btw
HotmanHotman Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) Any% NG 1:42:00 PC Link The AI behavior can deliver good busts and that 0 August 8: 3-4UTC, 14UTC or 19-23UTC August 9: 0-5UTC, 14-16UTC or 19-23UTC
SlivenKageSlivenKage Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Career Any% 7:30:00 PC EUR Link Because there are not many glitchless runs. 10 Available on 7th of August from 11 AM until 8 PM ( UTC+3 Sofia Summer Time Zone ).
J0nny0J0nny0 Need for Speed Underground 100% 6:00:00 PC EUR Link Would be a nice view to compare skills fGeorjje 0
J0nny0J0nny0 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Career any% NG+ 1:00:00 PC EUR Link To show People that there are even more RNG fucked games besides Carbon an MW 05... 0 Friday: 9 am - 9 pm Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
FailracerFailracer Need for Speed: Undercover Career any% 3:20:00 PC Link Maybe will use a reroute for port crescent. Fun cop manipulation. Pls no heli. 0
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Career Any% 2:05:00 PC Link in case the tournament thing doesn't work out. 0
ShooriShoori Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Career Any% 3:50:00 GCN EUR Link Because I go fast 0 Anytime, anyday
KuruKuru Need for Speed: Payback Career any% 7:00:00 PC EUR Link Pogback 5 optimally at 4pm CEST