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Atari Community Celebrates Successful Event - Project Retro Season 1

After years of dormancy, the Atari community Is back and all is looking good!

Atari Community Celebrates Successful Event - Project Retro Season 1
Published 2 months ago

Is Atari Making a Comeback

Short Answer: Yes!

Atari has been a cornerstone of SRC for many years. The Atari speedrunning scene has been growing exponentially over the recent months after user @VyPr announced the community-based speedrunning tournament Project Retro Season #1 in the Farmington Discord server. Project Retro Season #1 was announced to be 4 weeks long consisting of multiple games being speedrun on the Atari 2600. Dozens of speedrunners flocked to to solidify their places on the Project Retro Leaderboards. Runners like @CaptNinja6, @DoritoBreath, and @zir0nic crushed the competition.


Atari speedrunning history on SRC begins in 2015 with the game, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

After Atari made its SRC debut many other Atari games began to appear all over, some games like Dragster and Adventure blew up with hundreds of runs in those 2 games alone. Some Atari runs can be dated back to 2006 even predating itself.

Example: Adventure Difficulty 1 in 33.60 by @SadisticMystic

More games continued to appear on SRC over the course of the following years and the community came to life.

In 2017 the SRC Atari community was left abandoned and deemed obsolete compared to the newer games like Super Mario Odyssey at the time.

Project Retro

Project Retro was announced in August of 2023 by user @VyPr. Project Retro consisted of 4 weeks of gameplay, containing the following titles.

Project Retro Game List & Highlights

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 (Final Week)

What's next?

After the end of Project Retro Season #1, the SRC Atari community has continued to regrow - a new chapter of Atari speedrunning has begun and the Atari community is asking for you to help us grow and thrive. Help us rewrite the history of Atari speedrunning and become a part of something bigger than we had ever thought possible.

Special Thanks To @VyPr, @CaptNinja6, @DoritoBreath, @Act_, @Akuretaki and so many more for reviving this AWESOME community!

Congratulations to @zir0nic the champion of Project Retro Season #1

Atari Speedrunners Discord

Official Project Retro Leaderboard

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