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MoistCr1tikal Announced Yet Another $10k Speedrun Challenge

At the end of last year MoistCr1tikal hit the speedrunning community with some huge news, announcing a $10,000 speedrun challenge for a game almost no one had ever heard of before - its time for round 2.

MoistCr1tikal Announced Yet Another $10k Speedrun Challenge
Published 10 months ago

The challenge lasted two weeks, with a promise of an extension if anybody was caught hiding run-changing strats, and so runners flocked to Amok Runner in droves hoping to claim prize money - or just to participate in a fun community event!

After the challenge was over, Moist announced that this wasn’t just a one time thing but rather a monthly occurrence. He also mentioned that the next challenge would award $1000 to the person who finds the most impactful glitch (separate from the other $10,000 ) and that any following challenges will split the $10,000 among the top 3 runners when the two weeks is up. That means $6,000 to first place, $2,500 to second place, and $1,500 to third place.

If you want to catch up from the previous challenge, I recommend you check out Moist’s History of My $10,000 Speedrun Challenge.

Now that a month has passed, Moist announced the latest challenge just yesterday and already runners from all areas of the speedrunning scene are taking it upon themselves to learn the new challenge speedgame Exodus from the Earth - a first-person shooter from 2007.

Before the challenge came along, there was just one runner of the game - deluxyze. Deluxyze had already brought the game down to just above the hour mark, from a roughly 5 to 6 hour casual playthrough with a solid amount of tricks and combat optimizations - although even he claimed that the time could go much lower because there were some tricks he didn't include in that run.

Now seeing as we’re still only on what is essentially day one of the challenge not many runners have actually finished learning the run yet, but by taking a look at all the streams of people learning the speedrun on Twitch I think it’s safe to safe this leaderboard is going to absolutely explode with runs in the coming days.

Even taking a look at the Exodus Discord voice channels, we can see 30+ people who have gathered to learn the run or glitch hunt together.

While in the middle of writing this very article, speedrunner spicee managed to get an incredible run of 56:08 LRT / 59:16 RTA. The very first sub hour in the game in the 16 years since its release.

While this is only the second challenge hosted by Moist, it’s already possible to see the effect it's having on the entire speedrunning scene, uniting runners from all different kinds of speedgames, and introducing new people who’ve never been exposed to speedrunning before now - and that’s truly a beautiful thing to witness.

If you’d like to follow the challenge over the next two weeks, you can see all the verified runs over at or watch runners compete live at

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