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Indie Horror Speedruns Marathon 2023 Submissions Open Now

Organizers are hoping that this event is as fun as the first. The community has grown tremendously over the years and this marathon is a great way to get involved with a friendly and accessible community.

Indie Horror Speedruns Marathon 2023 Submissions Open Now
Published 1 month ago

Submissions for the Indie Horror Speedruns Marathon 2023 are now open!

What is IHS?

IHS is a community of speedrunners who share a passion for pushing niche horror titles to their limits. From walking simulators like Slide in the Woods, FPS games like Cultists & Compounds, and more well-known titles like Murder House and Choo-Choo Charles, there's a wide variety of games to explore and almost certainly a game for everyone. Many games run by the community are uploaded to, keeping speedrunning financially accessible to more people.


In addition to serving as a hub for new speedgame discoveries, the IHS Discord server also is used to promote bounties placed on games hosted and sponsored by TurboBoard. Challenges range from new glitch discoveries, being the first to achieve a sub-X minute run, to solving questions or glitches a community member might have. There's currently a $300 reward to discover the mystery of the collision on a door in Happy's Humble Burger Farm.

Previous Events

In addition to smaller showcases and bounties over the past year, the IHS community has been involved in two major events.

IHSM 2022

As stated previously, this is the second major marathon the IHS community has hosted. It kicked off in December of last year and ran for a full 12 hours, showcasing 18 runs as well as a two-hour quad-campaign relay of Aliens vs Predator 2.

SGDQ 2023 - Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles brought a massive amount of new runners to the community upon its release, including high-profile runners such as @Distortion2 and @maxylobes. The community even was shouted out by the developer himself.

Given the hype surrounding its release, it shouldn't have been a surprise that it was accepted into SGDQ2022. Runner @Bird650 represented the community by achieving an 18:47 RTA.

Puppet Combo Speedrun Showcase 2023

This past summer, the community held a nearly five-hour speedrun showcase featuring games from the TortureStar publishing label. Games from Puppet Combo, Comp-3 Interactive, and Black Eyed Priest Games were all run. Playlist to all the runs can be found here.

IHSM 2023 Event Details

Submit your runs here.

IHSM 2023 submissions are open now! It's not too late to start learning a run between now and the submission cutoff of October 31. The marathon itself is live on November 18th. Here's a link to last year's runs!

Even though the word "indie" is on everything surrounding this community and event, it needs to be said that submissions do not need to be indie games. As stated below, "submissions are required to be horror-genre centered or contain horror elements," though final decisions will be up to the IHS staff team.

Relevant Links and Rules

Event questions can be answered by joining the IHS Discord server.

The event is sponsored by TurboBoard, MusicMondays, and HAIRYWORLD

Linktree for all things IHS can be found here.

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