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New Minute Barrier BROKEN in SM64 120 Star

Runner known as Karin achieved a 1:36:48 in SM64's 120 Star category. This was done with the help of the recently solved strat known as “Carpetless”

New Minute Barrier BROKEN in SM64 120 Star
Published 23 days ago

On October 21st, 2023 infamous speedrunner @Karin just achieved one of the most coveted minute barriers in speedrunning. A 1:36 in the game Super Mario 64 in the 120 Star category. The final time of this run in question is a 1:36:48 absolutely destroying the 1:36 barrier and beating his previous time of 1:37:33 by almost a full minute.

Something that helped this monumental run happen in the first place is a brand new strat called “Carpetless.” Carpetless is a skip in the last level before the final Bowser fight known as Rainbow Ride. It puts a lot of pressure on the runner because it’s also the final star you collect in the level. Carpetless is a strat that skips the long carpet ride to get to the star on top of the castle.

With this strat along with the fact that Karin didn’t die in one of the final stages of this run - it all was put together in this monument of a run, Karin said “This is only the beginning” but with certainty, I can say that this is one of the best or the best Super Mario 64 runs of all time and that it will stand for a long time until Karin or and the brand new runner will beat it, it could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 years. Just as Karin and many runners before them have said “This is not the end this is only the just the beginning.”