Highlights from the end of ESA Summer 2021

ESA Summer 2021 wrapped up successfully, having collected more than $67,000 for charity. Let's take a look at some of the highlights in the final days of the event.

By Alice Pow

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The European Speedrunner Assembly’s Summer 2021 marathon has come to an end having raised over $67,000 for Save the Children and marking the most successful online ESA marathon to date.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the last three days of the marathon:


The Legend Of Spyro: The Eternal Night - GBA

Any% (Dark)

Race between CDRomatron and lovebot
Commentary by CountCreep

Check out this incredible race between two skilled runners and watch for the new World Record set at the end. Dark Mode in The Legend Of Spyro: The Eternal Night is unlocked after defeating the game’s Hard Mode. It keeps the enemies just as strong while starting Spyro with an overpowered form that makes those enemies satisfyingly simple to dispatch.

Watch it here.

Super Mario 64 - WiiVC

Power Star Pathway (Randomizer)

Race between 360chrism vs. bird650

Using a seed of 38666 (based on the donation total at the time), two runners compete to fill up their board with the right stars to earn a win. Expect plenty of Mario-themed puns from the donations and watch the run carefully because you never know what the runners will encounter next!

Watch it here.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD WiiU


Run by mralberto
Commentary by Joaish and gymnast85

Mralberto and his commentators do a great job introducing and explaining the tricks and glitches as they appear. With some great RNG and impressive frame-perfect tricks, this is definitely a run worth checking out!

Watch it here.


Metal Gear Solid - PC

Any% (Easy)

Run by NickRPGreen
Commentary by bruschetta_bros

Running a route that was reworked just a week beforehand, NickRPGreen skips a huge chunk of the game just five minutes into the run. But the end of the game is no cakewalk and will have you on the edge of your seat!

Watch it here.

Deal or No Deal - PC

Win Big Money!

Run by BigJon and TheBlacktastic

While it’s not quite a speedrun, this is a great chance to watch the hosts you know and love from Super Boss Bros as they play a game of Deal or No Deal where the prize money will actually be donated to the marathon. It’s just as fun, silly, and suspenseful as you could want!

Watch it here.

SATURDAY, JULY 31st, 2021

Super Mario 64 - N64

16 Star (Drum%)

Run by czr_drums
Commentary by Ownasaurus

If you haven’t seen czr_drums play his way through Super Mario 64 with a drum instead of a controller, you have got to check it out! With well-executed drum rolls and cymbal crashes, he plays through a familiar game in an unfamiliar way. Make sure to stick around for the end when he jams out to the game’s credits.

Watch it here.

Resident Evil Village - PC

Hardcore (Glitchless) v2

Run by gidano
Commentary by ThatAccountBlaBlaBla

Originally meant to happen earlier in the week, gidano’s run was cut short by a local blackout. Luckily, the marathon staff offered to add a donation incentive to give gidano another shot at running RE:V to close out the marathon. It’s an enjoyable run of a still-new game and of course, it’s a chance to see everyone’s favorite 9-and-a-half foot tall villainess, Lady Dimitrescu. Watch it here.

The whole marathon was incredible and there are so many cool runs worth checking out. For more about ESA Summer 2021, check out our early marathon highlights here.

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Highlights from the end of ESA Summer 2021

ESA Summer 2021 wrapped up successfully, having collected more than $67,000 for charity. Let's take a look at some of the highlights in the final days of the event.

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