Mid-week highlights for SGDQ 2021

Now midway through the event, SGDQ 2021 continues to deliver with memorable speedruns. Let's take a look at the highlights from the last couple of days.

By Cam "Meta" Enright

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We’re a little over the halfway point of Summer Games Done Quick 2021 and things are still going very strong! At the time of publishing, the marathon has raised more than a MILLION DOLLARS for Doctor’s Without Borders.

It’s been a few days of non-stop talent and entertainment. Let’s dig into some of the key moments from the first half of Summer Games Done Quick 2021.

Tuesday Night

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

European Extreme
Ran by ApacheSmash
Commentary by Jaguar_King and miniomegaking
Link to run

Having met a donation incentive, ApacheSmash ran through MGS3 while having Snake wear a tuxedo as much as the game allowed — while also wearing a tuxedo in real life. European Extreme is the games highest difficulty, forcing the player to restart a room if they get caught. This is also on top of the tuxedo, which makes it much easier to be caught. Of course, Apache Smash blasts through the run in a little over an hour real time.

Dead Space

Ran by Looney
Commentary by Sharkhat and Waifu
Link to run

Even before Looney had started his run, he received a tweet from a former Dead Space producer, Steve Papoutsis letting him know he was looking forward to his run — no pressure or anything. Thankfully, Looney’s run was a jaw-dropping success.

While Looney was boosting around and performing some incredible skips and tricks, Twitch chat was consistently expressing how surprised they were that Dead Space had never been to a GDQ event before — and how excited they were to inevitably see Dead Space 2 at a future event.



Perfect Score
Ran by Havrd
Commentary by Mumrik and Chuckolator
Link to run

Havrd is typically an amazing glitch hunter and strat finder, but he also is a Geoguessr wizard. Geoguessr is a game where you get plopped down on a 3D map and have to figure out where you are, the closer you are to the actual location when you place your pin on the map, the more points you get. Havrd’s goal for this run was to get a perfect Geoguessr score in under 35 minutes. I’ll tell you, I nearly failed my geography course years ago and it shows when I try to play Geoguessr. Watching Havrd and listening to his thought process while trying to pin down his location is mind-blowing, and a showcase from GDQ you cannot miss.

Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus

Ran by mobius
Link to run

Ratchet and Clank is potentially one of the most popular series to speedrun among the Playstation exclusives, and the developers, Insomniac Games, are maybe the most supportive of their speedrunning community out of any studio I have ever seen.

On top of Mobius' excellent execution throughout the run, there were constant donations stating support from different developers on the team. All any speedrunning community wants is support from the developer of the game they pour their hearts into, and watching this run is really heartwarming.


Any% Inbounds
Ran by Blaidan
Commentary by Bryonato, DragonTears0, and BladeLMAO
Link to run

Ghostrunner is one of those games where the movement system has such a high skill ceiling, watching a pro like Blaidan rip through the game is like watching a 1000 degree knife cut through butter. During this run, Blaidan played within a minute of his world record — even getting a best segment on one of the most optimized levels in the game. If you want a high octane run with fantastic commentary, Ghostrunner is definitely something you don’t wanna miss.

Oh, by the way, Blaidan got a brand new world record by 30 seconds the very next day — the first-ever sub-35-minute time.


Sonic 3D Blast

Beat the Game 2 Players 1 Controller
Ran by AmberCyprian & TGH
Link to run

Speedrunning is hard enough as is, but imagine if two people had to coordinate their gameplay using half of a controller for each of them. AmberCyprian and TGH working together to complete Sonic 3D Blast as fast as they can with just a single controller is really a sight to see, especially with the controller cam on for the duration of the run.

Destiny 2

Deep Stone Crypt
Ran by Shockwve, MunchaKoopas, Tokeegee, Traderkirk, Scoobyfoo, BystanderTim
Link to run

On the topic of cooperation, this run of Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid by six different runners is a glorious showcase of co-op speedruns which are always a demonstration of teamwork and wild cooperative strategies. This group of runners has a lot of charisma, and the showcase was a very wholesome experience you should definitely check out.

DOOM Eternal

Ancient Gods 1&2 No Major Glitches Inbounds
Ran by Bloodshot9001
Commentary by Bryonato, DrakePHOSE, and Xiae
Link to run

The follow-up to last year's main campaign NMG run, Bloodshot runs both DLC’s for DOOM Eternal back-to-back demonstrating great combat, movement, and some wild skips. All of this was supported by a wonderful couch that had electric energy for the entire duration of both runs.

A highlight within this highlight: Bloodshot's cat had a cameo and someone donated $10,000 to see Bloodshot pet him.

The show goes on

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 has had too many memorable moments to fit them all in here. The good news is the event isn't over yet. SGDQ will continue through Sunday, July 9th 2am EST - if you want to see more moments like these head over to Games Done Quick There are many more runs to look forward to, and we’ll see you there!

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Now midway through the event, SGDQ 2021 continues to deliver with memorable speedruns. Let's take a look at the highlights from the last couple of days.

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