The Perks of a No Reset Run

A No Reset Run can shake up your typical routine and give you some valuable late-run experience.

By Cam "Meta" Enright

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I think one of the coolest parts about speedrunning is the drive of runners to hone their craft down to near perfection. It’s this characteristic that has brought about some of the amazing achievements in speedrunning today. However, along the path of practice for perfection lies the grind and for some... burnout.

It takes a lot of time and effort to become the best in the world, and the determination of some runners to make it to the top is absolutely astounding. At the end of the day, though, we’re all human beings with mental and physical limits. Sometimes people forget that and just keep pushing and pushing — until they finally break and just burn out. So let’s try to prevent that, shall we?

The No Reset Run — For newbies and experts alike

A “No Reset Run” is pretty much what it sounds like; it’s a speedrun where no matter what happens, you will continue the run and complete it in its entirety. Obviously, you don’t need to strictly avoid resetting all the time: it’s still a good idea to grind out your weaker areas in moderation. But far too often, people reset over things they really shouldn’t be (mostly new runners).

Even if the reset is justified, you’ll be breaking yourself down if you force yourself into a never-ending cycle of reset hell.

This is just a waste of my time. Why even bother?

No, I promise you it isn’t.

Let’s take the example of being stuck in a cycle of resetting over and over, for instance. This is exactly where the No Reset comes in. In this scenario, you’re probably exhausted both mentally and physically. Make yourself toss aside the goal of a personal best for a single run, and just finish it up.

This will give you a much-needed break and reaching the end of the run will give you a small feeling of satisfaction just by having reached the end. Tossing in a no reset run every once in a while prevents burnout, which is almost certainly inevitable for anyone grinding the first sections of a game for long enough.

Taking care of your mental and physical health is cool, kids.

Improve your consistency

Not only does a No Reset Run help you avoid burnout, but doing one once in a while will actually help you improve your consistency.

It’s awful to see a runner so excited to finally get out of the beginning of the game after having reset for the umpteenth time, to only then lose the run because they haven’t played the latter part of the game since the last time they escaped reset hell.

If you make sure you’re just as comfortable with the late-game portion of the run, you can ensure that when the time comes that you make it there, you won’t choke due to lack of practice.

Learn to adapt

This one doesn’t necessarily apply to every scenario in every game, but it’s something you should keep in mind as you run.

If you mess up a trick or otherwise make a mistake — try to salvage it. See if you can find a backup or alternate strat to minimize your time loss. Of course, in an ideal world this wouldn’t be necessary but mistakes ARE going to happen, and that’s okay. Chances are, you can still PB if you have a backup plan or can adapt on the fly.

Doing No Resets and searching for these backup/alternate strats can really help you out in the long run with consistency.

Help your brain out

I know how much it sucks to see red splits, I’ve been there too, and it makes me want to reset the instant I see it. There is a semi-solution for that though if you’re using LiveSplit. It has a really amazing comparison component I suggest you use (rather than the usual “Personal Best” comparison).

There’s a comparison you can activate in Livesplit (Go to settings - Choose Active Comparisons) called “Balanced PB”. The idea behind this is to distribute your time gains and losses across all splits so that your end time is the same as your personal best, but you have much easier splits to run against.

Not everyone will love this one, but it’s really nice if you had that one section that was just REALLY good, and it sucks to run against. This comparison takes that and makes it a bit more balanced among the rest of your splits. It won’t improve your gameplay or anything, but it’ll keep you in a better mindset, and that’s half the battle right there.

That’s all folks

In the end, everyone learns and practices differently, so you should keep that in mind while approaching how you tackle your next run. With that said, I hope you’ll keep this in mind and treat yourself to a No Reset Run once in a while. Trust me, it’s nice!

Whether you’re new to speedrunning or you’ve been doing it for years, I hope you’ve taken away something from this article but either way… take care of yourself folks, and then get to saving those frames!

Now go drink water or all your splits will be red.

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