Knowledge Base and layout updates

By Alicen "LewisAndSpark" Lewis

Hey all,

We wanted to take a moment to address our recent site update. As we mentioned in the road map in January's community update, we've fixed the news page and added image hyperlinks to the articles on the homepage. Thanks so much to Meta and EBen for contributing our first articles! We've also updated the home page and user page layout for infrastructure and backend needs, but if you have suggestions on what widgets you'd like to see on the right column moving forward, please let us know through the feedback form. We can have unique widgets depending on whether it is a user page or the home page, so feel free to suggest tools or displays you'd like to see potentially replace the news widgets. The number of runs that appear on the home page have also been temporarily shortened as we work on a new feed that will be more curated and load faster.

We also added a Knowledge Base and rolled some of the previous site pages (API, Resources, Rules, etc) into it for new users and centralized access. This first release only includes the basics, and if you have recommendations on what articles we should be adding next, feel free to share them. We want to make sure to address any questions new users may have.

Next up we will be releasing a support request form to replace requesting help through the forums, as well as rolling out the first iteration of the updated Game Pages and moderator tools that we've been developing. We know the community has been anticipating this update, and we want to make sure we address as many concerns as possible with the first release. Feel free to continue to submit asks through the feedback form for the moderator tools, and we'll look to include them in future iterations :)

Other minor updates include:

  • You can no longer submit duplicate forum posts by clicking the button multiple times before your post was submitted
  • The API restrictions have been lifted
  • If you accidentally delete a category, reach out to and we can assist
  • Username requirements have been standardized to the norm for Reddit/Twitch/Twitter (but will only apply to future username creation or updates)
  • Nico embeds should now work
  • We've started recruiting for a User Research program, if you'd be interested in participating in user interviews, please fill out this form

Alicen "LewisAndSpark" Lewis
Product Manager

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