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I haven't had time to put together a full run for this game yet, but about a year ago I was working on putting together Act 1 using the old stuff on SDA. I thought this game was dead, nice to see it's being run!

I was reading through the guide posted, and I noticed that it says that the four lizardfolk outside of the swamp ruins have to be killed. This isn't technically true. If you save and reload to warp your party directly in front of the door and click to enter the ruins as soon as possible after the game reloads, it is possible to enter the ruins without fighting anything outside. This results in some odd behavior during the cutscene, where the actors are simultaneously trying to fight the lizardfolk and enter the door at the same time. I'm guessing that this is slower than just blowing them all up with a fireburst, but it's an interesting tidbit.