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Forum: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thread: NTR ?

Started by: Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky

its a software for homebrewed 3DS's that lets you wirelessly stream the video from the screens to your computer. sometimes in certain games it messes with the clock speed but its no big deal for this game.

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Forum: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thread: Save/Weapon Editing Guidelines

Started by: nesnes

Credit to Abraxas for compiling the list for us.
Weapon Checklist:

1. No value above 341. Value is capped at 341, anything above is so impractically hard to achieve that it isn't believable.
2. No negative stars. This can be checked on the drinal calculator.
3. No duplicate modifiers. Only some duplicate modifiers can be stacked and work, not allowed nonetheless.
4. No conflicting modifiers. Mostly useless but don't make your negative the same as your positive.
5. No inapplicable modifiers. This means no shot range Magnus Club, shot range negative staves and the like.
6. No negative value. I don't know why it matters but no value below 100 value.
7. Order your modifiers properly please.

Power Checklist:

1. We will check the power tab and back it up against your power board. Don't hack in 12 powers.
2. Don't hack in impossible combos. This can also be checked.
3. Don't Warp. This is janky and has no place in vanilla speedruns.
4. Don't use Endless Powers. Easily detectable, just don't.
5. Don't use Powersx15, this is also easily detectable.

Other Checklist:

1. Plugins are not advised, but are automatically turned on with NTR if you have them for streaming. Just bind them to a useless key.
2. Don't use Range+, it's easy to see because the smallest multiplier is x10.
3. No invincibility. Easy to see.
4. No Playing Dead cheat. We can see your power usage for it if you use it.
5. No Special Air Attackx2. Easy to see.
6. No Tireless cheat. Hard to detect but possible.
7. No Quick Charge cheat. Very easy to detect.
8. No Super Energy Charge. Also very easy to detect.
9. No Homing Boost cheat. Probably the easiest to detect, Artillery Claws can't loop.


Forum: Mario Kart Speed Strife

Thread: how do you use the controls

Started by: ElimsElims

how do you use the controls, OP?


Forum: Plants vs. Zombies

Thread: Idea: Separate World Runs

Started by: DatGuy2513DatGuy2513

its a cool idea but it would be kinda hard to execute because of what warmech said, i kinda think the survival categories and really similar to IW runs. if we do this we would have to make saves for each one and it would kinda be similar to undertale resets (which are a hastle because you have to drag in a save from a zip to the game files). if theres a lot of interest for this well definitely think about this more

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Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: Requests

Started by: nesnes

i would do it if i didnt hate the game


Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: Requests

Started by: nesnes

if it gains interest and a few people run it then itll be added probably


Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: GDQ?

Started by: Touchdown404Touchdown404

i submitted it once but gdq doesnt accept a lot of games and this game isnt super appealing to run


Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: Category Suggestion - All Categories

Started by: 169089

if it gets added it should be called full game clear or something but i dont think it should be added because not many people will do it

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Forum: Marvel's Spider-Man

Thread: HDD and SSD sub categories?

Started by: MattmattMattmatt

i agree with jhobz on this one. variables are the way to go for this in my opinion

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Forum: Sonic Heroes (PC) - Extended Levels Mod

Thread: category names

Started by: nesnes

imo there should be 1 category (Beat The Game or Any%) with 2 subcategories (No Major Glitches/Bug Limit and Glitched/Major Glitches) instead of what there is now but its not a big deal


Forum: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thread: Recording Footage Question

Started by: King_Robert_3755King_Robert_3755

definitely the easiest method would be pointing a camera and playing like that but thats not the most comfortable thing for long periods of time. another thing you can do is install NTR and use the wireless streaming from that. it doesnt look bad and you really only need a good router. thats definitely situational on the game though. this game allows it but most of the pokemon games and mario games dont allow it. its best to scan through the rules and/or ask the community about that. you can also just eventually invest money into a 2DS capture card which is relatively inexpensive compared to other capture cards.

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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: why is dutchj (a slug) our leader?

Started by: ClaytonClayton

bold of you to assume wqqqqwrt hasnt already done that and has the VHS tapes of his unofficial unsubmitted WR. he started in 2nd and shifted to 3rd and used tas only strats without splicing and achieved the ultimate Alpha Gamer Speedrun World Record. wqqqqwrt is definitely better than that cheater Todd Rogers and that communist DutchJ

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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: why is dutchj (a slug) our leader?

Started by: ClaytonClayton

im afraid you got it all wrong. dutchj is definitely not our Sunshine Lord. our Sunshine Lord has to be wqqqqwrt, our Speedrunning Lord and Savior. he is our Alpha Gamer God for every Speedgame imaginable and our dutchj doesnt even come close to his Absolute Raw Power. please think before you post next time and do some Speedrunning Research next time. thank you for listening to my TED™ Talk. good day.

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Forum: Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Thread: Timing Complaint

Started by: ResolutionSSBResolutionSSB

it makes perfect sense, actually. do you really think mods want to go into every run and go in and frame count for every frame youre in a loading screen or in a menu? yeah that shit is hard and especially with how much youre in menus and in loading screens. and that goes triple for a game of this size. i personally wouldnt want to do that and im pretty sure you wouldnt want to do that if you were a mod or if you did it for your own runs. its a big hastle and in my opinion, a waste of time. real time right now is fine its just paying attention and knowing how to do a menu every so often.

an alternative would be if you or someone coded a automatic IGT or load remover for livesplit which would make everything a lot easier on everyone but not too many people know how to do that and if someone did know how to do it, they probably wouldnt but who knows.

tl;dr - RTA is fine for the run and the timing makes sense. you can just make a new profile.

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Forum: Memories

Thread: gimme mod

Started by: spiddaspidda

close enough


Forum: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thread: KI:U Speedrunning Discord

Started by: nesnes

No one decided to make one of these yet so I did it.

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Forum: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 200cc

Thread: Please accept my run

Started by: cvaughn55cvaughn55

its just i would like anything with the title of "wr" to at least have a video, no matter if its something as meme as this


Forum: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue

Thread: Emulator stuff

Started by: LegendaryOfCowsLegendaryOfCows

im pretty sure xbox just has faster loads by a bunch but dolphin is the best emulator for this because last i tried to play on the ps2 one, the game would crash on the 3 stage or so. but if you decide to run on dolphin, just make sure you mark your runs as emu


Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: Important: rule change suggestions

Started by: SonicSamSonicSam

i think it has to do with memory stuff from in games which makes auto igt or loadless easy with pc games but i dont think it would be easy with console games but i think its possible. just a bit of coding and other black magic i dont know how to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯