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I can beat this game very fast without going through walls or anything else you're clearly not supposed to do, but I can't compete with the other runs. Please put up a glitchless category.

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I second the request. I've had plans to train for an Any% speedrun for a while, but there's no reason why we shouldn't have more categories. There's potential for a glitchless category (I'd love to see the creative routes) as well as a 100% category maybe? The game has many side quests and areas to explore, chests to collect, treasure maps to seek, so that would be nice as well and I personally would try and run on such categories.


I am curious, as this has been one of my favorite games for a while now, would it be possible to have a just tor% ? Because with the potential of skipping portions of the game through OoB, wouldn't it technically be possible to just beat the game as tor?


There's several reasons why that are kind of hard to explain, but the biggest reason why this isn't possible is b/c Roberta is needed for several things to progress, such as making the darkest faerie's sisters boss vulnerable, hitting the target for the warp gate to altador (end of act 3), and to handle the 2nd phase of the darkest faerie boss fight.