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To all Neo Mario Galaxy runners:

There is a new update to Neo Mario Galaxy! With this new update we are adjusting the leaderboard for the latest version. All categories from older versions are being moved to the miscellaneous tab for archive purposes. If you wish to continue running on an old version and category, please submit runs to those boards in misc.

The new version adds green stars and changes many levels and star requirements. Therefore, the IL leaderboards will be updated as well to accommodate for the newer version. I am currently not at home or anywhere near my Wii and therefore I have not played this version of the game so I have entrusted Shadow64 and Toogs, who have more ready access to the game, to properly update the boards. You can find the new version through this link:

Happy running! 🙂


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Do keep in mind that because this new update just came out today, routes for Any% and 100% have yet to be made. Shadow and I are working on them when we can, so hopefully we’ll be able to make splits for those categories and upload them to the Resources tab soon!

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