Heroic in 53m 02s by TsubakiTsubaki - 1st place

Because this explanation depends on Google translation, it is highly likely that it is a wrong sentence.

Decklist : https://goo.gl/brcnbf

I gave the best record.
This was very fortunate about six minutes earlier than the time I assumed on my deck.
But not the perfect playing, the main mistakes are Maexxna, Noth etc.
You can understand the contents of the mistake as soon as you can watch the movie.
However, my policy is to place emphasis on the speed of judgment rather than the accuracy of play, and I think that to some extent there is no choice.
Also, as a result, the time was shortened, but with Kel'Thuzad I made the worst mistake.
That is the turn I played Emperor Thaurissan.
If you do not have Prophet Velen or the second Mirage Caller in addition to that hand at hand, you should not play it.
Therefore I gave up and did Emote. (This is also a time loss)
But shortly afterwards, I was able to get the best result by miraculously drawing Prophet Velen.
It is a very lucky blessed run.

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