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Submissions for Launchpad Toronto are now open till February 16th.

These are smaller events between our yearly main event and can highlight runs for upcoming marathons, or just be a get together for speedrunners in their local area. This event is catered towards the speedrunners in the Toronto, Canada area and will be on site. We're aiming for a relaxed atmosphere as its just a hangout with your local speedfriends.

The event begins on February 28th at 6pm EST and ends March 1st 6PM EST. If we get enough submissions the event will run through the night, otherwise we will just run the stream during the day.

The venue is within walking distance of the Brantford Comfort Inn
( https:/​/​www.​choicehotels.​com/​en-uk/​ontario/​brantford/​comfort-inn-hotels/​cn257 ).
The event space will not have anywhere to sleep, so this hotel will be your best bet for overnight accommodations. You'll be given the address of the event if your run is accepted. If you plan to just attend and not speedrun, please contact Mash or Dark-Aries.

Due to the small event space, we are restricting races to 2 on stream console captures. PC races will be denied unless you can bring a gaming laptop yourself. This is due to limited physical space.

There is no attendance fee, but you can pitch $5 towards the event which would be greatly appreciated. All attendees will receive at no cost to them Pizza and Soft drinks on site during the marathon, supplied by Mash.

All Regular rules of NASA events found here at https:/​/​nasamarathon.​com/​rules/​ will also apply to this event as well as Twitch TOS while on stream.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact @MASHMASH or @Dark-AriesDark-Aries

Hope to have a great time with this event and meet some new people and share the hobby of speedrunning with others.


Just a reminder that if you would like to submit a run to try and get those in by the end of 16th.
If you need an extension please contact myself or Dark-Aries.

Anyone that wants to attend that is not putting in a submission feel free to contact us so we know who would also like to come out for a good time.


Only a few days left for submissions, we may take runs afterwards to fill time should you want to attend or are attending.
Submissions can be showcases, informative panel or other gaming related content.
We may also be arranging some multiplayer shenanigans or mystery games.


If you made a submission please check ur DMs on SRDC or contact us on discord if you have not received one. We will be working out scheduling for the days people plan to be attending for and filling with all sorts of other stuff that you may be interested in as well during your time there.

As a reminder Pizza and Soft drinks will be provided during the event, but you will be responsible for your own sleeping arrangements etc. If you would like to bring additional things for runs,showcases or Multiplayer fun feel free to do so as we can schedule stuff in with the time we have to fill.

If you did not make a submission but would like to come on the 28,29th of Feb or Mar 1st let us know in advance before the days of arrival to receive location details.


Preliminary schedule will be up tomorrow at some point. If you have not confirmed your already submitted runs with us please do so asap.

If you are also interested in attending and/or would like to do a run or showcase etc join the discord and get in contact with us.

Looking forward to next weekend.