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Anyone interested in running or signing up for player-run events, please post your events here.

I am planning on running a D&D 5E one-shot approximately 4 hours in length, and will be looking for four or five players. Character creation details will be here:

Ping me in NASA Discord, in the #games channel, if you wish to participate.


I'm willing to bring packs for limited sealed tourney to feature the latest set releases thus far. Buy in will be to cover the cost of the packs you will keep and add to prize pool. If you are interested in this and will be attending NASA 2019 contact me in the discord server. If enough interest is shown I will make this happen otherwise I won't be brining the a ridiculous number of packs/boxes of cards for it.

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I want to run a 5e D&D one shot and a perfect dark tournament. The writeups would make this post huge so I condensed them to image links instead.

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Perfect Dark