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Aight, Hotel finding. There's a ton of hotels that can host an event of our size (3000 sq ft), so I'm making this thread hoping some of y'all could help finding good ones.

The Requirements:
1. 3000 sq ft or more meeting/conference space.
2. Dedicated wired internet in that room, minimum 10 mbps upload speed.
3. At least one 24/7 restaurant within walking distance.
4. Travel to airport isn't butts.
5. Bedrooms are less than $300 per night.

Ideal/Bonus Stuff to look for:
Airport shuttle to hotel.
Multiple restaurants.
Arcade nearby (or other group event stuff, rollercoasters, waterpark, etc)

First thing I do is look for major airports which would be easier to fly into, then for hotels nearby, then for which of those hotels have 24/7 restaurants nearby. Alternatively search for areas that have the most restaurants, and then for hotels. Any city which is an 8 hour drive of Toronto (DarkAries limit, who is bringing the bulk of tech) is fair game.

Here is a list of larger cities within that range:
Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto

Smaller cities can work too, as long as there is transit to get to the venue (max 1 hour from airport).


I'll pitch Les Suites in Ottawa, it's in the heart of the market close to pretty much everything relevant (tourist wise), lots of food places and bars that are open till 2am ish and a few open 24 hours (Zak's Diner has great food, Dunn's is also a nice place). Getting there is either a 20 minute car ride from YOW, or a 36 minute bus ride with no transfers (according to google maps). A liquor store and grocery store (LCBO and Metro) 500 meters away for those trying to cut down on eating out. It's also basically connected to a pretty big mall and there are a few other hotels in the area that would be good to compare prices with.



The largest meeting room is less than 900 sq ft, so we'd need to multi-room it; the meeting rooms are on different floors which isn't ideal. Bedrooms are fairly pricey as well. Travel/location is nice though, so it's not an auto-reject.