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Similar to last year, preNASA is an online marathon that aims to raise donations to help fund our 2018 live event venue. This will help lower the attendance fee for folks.

You can submit here:

(They've been live for a few days but I forgot to make a thread)


Dumping this here for both committee use and my own personal reference.

Zelda 2 Rando flags:

Start Config tab
- Start with Candle
- Start with Life spell
- Start with Downstab

Overworld tab

Palaces tab
- Shuffle Palace Rooms
- Shorten Great Palace
- Remove Thunderbird
- Change Palace Palettes
- Restart at palaces on game over

Levels & Spells tab
- Shuffle Experience Needed
- Shuffle Spell Locations
- Disable Magic Container Requirements
- Combine Fire with a Random Spell
- Attack Effectiveness: High Attack
- Magic Effectiveness: Low Spell Cost
- Life Effectiveness: High Defense

Enemies tab
- Shuffle Overworld Enemies
- Shuffle Palace Enemies
- Shuffle Dripper Enemy
- Shuffle Enemy HP
- Shuffle Enemy Exp
- Shuffle Boss Exp
- Shuffle Which Enemies Steal Exp
- Shuffle Amount of Exp Stolen
- Shuffle Sword Immunity
- Shuffle Item Drop Frequency

Items tab
- Shuffle Palace Items
- Shuffle Overworld Items
- Mix Overworld and Palace Items
- Include PBag Caves in Item Shuffle
- Shuffle Small Items
- Palaces Contain Extra Keys
- Randomize New Kasuto Jar Requirements

- Remove "Start with Life spell"
- Remove "Start with Downstab"
- Remove "Start with Candle"
- Allow Palaces to Swap Continents
- - Include Great Palace in Shuffle
- Shuffle Encounters
- - Allow Unsafe Path Encounters
- Thunderbird Required in Great Palace
- Full Great Palace
- Reduce Attack Effectiveness
- Reduce Life Effectiveness
- Randomize MP Costs
- Remove "Combine Fire with a Random Spell"
- Remove "Palaces Contain Extra Keys"


When will we have a games list/schedule?


Shortly after submission close, which is Feb 24th.


Submissions have closed. Thanks everyone who submitted!

We will aim to have the schedule draft out next week.