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If any speedrunner for north america can come, I would prefer Toronto or Ottawa, it's the closest from Montreal and I won't have to pay a lot. PS: I can bring you the best kind of poutine there is


For me personally, Ottawa would be the most convenient. If I were to take as many other people as I can into account while still being able to make it myself, then I would say to have the event take place in Toronto or any American City that is relatively close to the Canadian border. I do have a passport so flying to the United States would be a non-issue. However I would rather keep it in Canada (AKA Toronto), so I would need less time off of work for travel. I only have 5 days of vacation that I can use, so if the event is in Toronto, I can spend more of that time at the event and less of it on the road.


As a student who lives in Northern Ontario if the event is not in Toronto during the school year than there is <10% i will go to it. However if it is after the year is done, like in mid to the end of June, i would have a 90% likelihood of attending an event in most Southern Ontario/Quebec cities.

Also Niagra Falls would be a great city to have the event in, not sure about the geography factor though.

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Well I'm not much of a traveler and when it comes to big cities I've one been in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. I'd say from experience that Winnipeg would be the better option of the 3 simply because of how close it is to the meridian. However Edmonton and Calgary are larger cities with more going for them in terms of stuff that matters (Decent hotels and internet service.) If Naegleria is from a different part of Alberta, and/or I'm the only active person from Edmonton I can go ahead and check out some places in Edmonton either in a couple days or my next days off next month. Calgary should have similar everything to Edmonton but it looks cleaner and overall is a prettier city. Winnipeg is similar to Edmonton but smaller and closer to the meridian. I'd love to go if I can tho ❤️

P.S. I'm sure there are a couple places that are decent in Winnipeg which is why I said It's the best of the 3.


I would suggest Chicago, but I am also biased in this 😃 Toronto seems pretty reasonable as well


I'd go and submit a run if it's in the US. I don't care where, but I'm not too interested in traveling to Canada.


We should just find dead center of North america and have it be there.


how about just dead center of the universe

so Toronto again

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I know it hasn't been suggested (and I'm aware there are reasons why) but Texas is a massive state with a TON of stuff to do/venues, and there aren't currently a ton of speedrunning events the entirety of Texas can make it to easily. If not NASA, it would still be cool for there to be a Major in Texas at least sometime DFW/Arlington has all the necessities (and if held in June our Six Flags is open.) The DFW Airport is one of the largest and best airports in the US, and is only about 20mins from Arlington, where they have great hotels and rates. I hope Texas can get some love one year.


For what it's worth, I liked this year's venue. The food options weren't fantastic but I liked the hotel and it was convenient that it was so close to the train station.

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I personally highly recommend Guelph, Ontario. Fairly big "nerd" scene, not too far from Toronto, etc.

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Hands down Toronto. It’s pretty much the centre of Canada, and has a pretty big nerd scene. A lot of runners, like myself, live in Ontario, and it’s very convenient. Traffic sucks though.


Toronto would be cool.


gonna be in toronto/st. catharines

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