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So I'm up to have NASA 2018 pretty much anywhere, but there are some restrictions. The event doesn't HAVE to be at a hotel, but hotels with conference rooms are hella convenient compared to hotels near conference rooms. I'll just lay em all out here in order of most restrictive to least restrictive.

Most of the equipment of the past two NASAs was driven to the venue by staff, who all live near Toronto. For distances very far from Toronto, we will probably need another source of equipment (Computers/capture devices/cables/TVs/etc). Someone will also need to go talk to prospective hotels and test the internet in the conference rooms.

Venues must have 24/7 food options in walking distance (its a 24/7 event and people are gonna be hungry at any time). The more food options the better.

Those are the straight up requirements, so as to things that would just be nice but aren't required would be having cool stuff nearby (rollercoasters/arcades/etc) and having a location that minimizes travel costs among all attendees (I made a form asking for peoples province/state; )

EDIT: Another huge bonus is a hotel with airport shuttle service. Also, the date isn't decided at all, but probably more June just to not clash with schools would be cool.

map of people that responded to form

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2017 hotel/venue was great in my opinion. If the event was moved to June then we'd have more availability at the first/second choice hotels we were originally looking at. The venue could only be improved, so long as the internet and such are vetted beforehand and the hotel doesn't decide to screw us over.

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I've never been to Toronto so I can't speak on the location. Its not super far for me since I live in Michigan and what not. Personally If Toronto was convenient for the staff i'd keep it there.

I think the event should be moved to June. People just get out of school or are home for the summer and there is more free time in Mid-Late June. August wouldn't be bad either. I was going to attend NASA 17 but couldn't due to my job. If it was a week or two later I would of been able to go.

Hopefully next year things go a bit smoothly and more people can hang and have a great time!

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I could not go to the 2017 one as I am only getting out of school on next monday, and then I still have graduation events to do, so if it got moved to mid june for 2018 it would probably be better for a lot of people


Based on current responses (52 people) to the form, the geometric median (point with least total distance to each spot, or cheapest total travel costs approximately) is somewhat between Detroit and Toronto. This only calculates distance to travel, and it gives the same dollar value per kilometer at every distance (whether its close enough to walk/drive, or a cross country flight). So this method isn't perfect but it does give a good idea of the ideal location.

In discord a bunch of peeps were talking about cities that could be good, the ones I have written down from all those is this: Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Jackson, Orlando, Toronto, Valencia.

Baltimore/Toronto are cities where at least one NASA staff lives, so getting equipment to an event at these cities would be much simpler.

Orlando is waaaay south, but offers tons in terms of food to eat and stuff to do. I'd like to have a NASA here eventually, but it won't be NASA 2018. (could make a smaller meetup aimed at people in the area to stream on the NASA channel, I'd try to make it too). Charlotte is closer to the geometric median than Orlando, and would probably be cheaper than Orlando without providing quite as many amenities; has a Six Flags too.

Valencia is in California, this is the furthest city from the geometric median, but it has Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is the best Six Flags. I added Valencia to the list because I like rollercoasters.

Jackson; also added for rollercoasters, roughly same distance from geometric median as Baltimore.

Cleveland, after Toronto this city is the closest to the geometric median. Cedar Point is an hour drive away so there are rollercoasters too.

Chicago, little further from the geometric median, but has a major hub airport.

So from that list alone, Orlando/Charlotte/Valencia are out of the pick due to distance. Toronto/Chicago have biggest airports (so likely to have the cheaper flights), Cleveland is closest to geometric median, Toronto/Baltimore have NASA staff for ease of equipment transport, Jackson isn't too far from Baltimore and has rollercoasters. Overall I'd say Toronto/Cleveland are the best from this list, going purely by distance from attendees.

If anyone else has a city they think would be good, go ahead and offer it in the thread. You could even ask around hotels to see what it would cost to book 1 week in June for conference space (we want at least 2500 sq ft). Most hotels that have conference spaces put the sizes of them on their website, but not the price (price varies based on how busy that time of year is). Even if the city is a bit further way, if you can find a hot deal on a conference space that could seal the deal.


Ottawa isn't too far from Toronto, has an international airport, doesn't have any roller coasters close by but does have a pretty kick ass water park ( If we want a different Canadian location to take advantage of the shit dollar, Ottawa would be a good 2nd pick.

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Unless there's a conspicuous desire to have it rotate, I'm 110% fine going back to Toronto. (I'm dying to go back anyway, NASA or no NASA). Most of the other mentioned cities, I probably wouldn't want to go to NASA again.

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Buffalo and Rochester in New York are both cities which are close to Toronto and close to where I live. Have you considered either one of those yet?


I had to walk through Buffalo on my way to the Greyhound station (the Amtrak and Greyhound were 8 miles apart, didn't know that when planning the trip). It looked like an absolute shithole with nothing going for it.


I hope Valencia is available cause I live there lol


It sounds like Toronto just has the most going for it as a venue location.

Based on current responses (52 people) to the form, the geometric median (point with least total distance to each spot, or cheapest total travel costs approximately) is somewhat between Detroit and ¤¤¤Toronto¤¤¤

Baltimore/¤¤¤Toronto¤¤¤ are cities where at least one NASA staff lives, so getting equipment to an event at these cities would be much simpler.

¤¤¤Toronto¤¤¤/Chicago have biggest airports (so likely to have the cheaper flights)

Overall I'd say ¤¤¤Toronto¤¤¤/Cleveland are the best from this list, going purely by distance from attendees.

Although if you were actively looking for reasons to move it, I'd still not recommend Orlando mainly because Smash The Record happens there. Sure it's not a major speedrunning event but as it stands it has enough speedrunning for a decent amount of people to go there and show off their speedgames. Alternatively, I'd recommend doing something closer to Valencia, or just general West Coast venues. As it stands, the current largest speedrun events in North America are in VA/DC, MN, FL (I'm counting it) and where NASA's been historically, ON. For a large portion of people, the closest GDQ to them is in the Midwest or Florida, and that's just silly if you live somewhere like California, British Columbia or Texas. For a North American event, it kinda looks like we're currently centred around the Upper East Coast of the US/Southern Ontario & Southern Quebec.

As someone that lives near Toronto for the time being I wouldn't mind if you kept it around here for now, just throwing my two cents out there.


Toronto area is a very decent location to have as its a pretty big hub and has allot of venue choices that could be available depending on the dates the event would be held around. Generally easy to travel to or from even if far out from the location since it is more of a hub city, could always choose another venue the boarders the area that is still connected to transit from the Toronto area. Generally okay with anything the boarders NA or CAN anything to far from there is most likely not within easy means of travel or cost wise to get to.


Reno/sparks, Nevada has some places, like casino hotels that hold conventions, and there is a convention center right next to a hotel Which it is connected to,


Chicago is honestly the most central point for people in the US that want to come, plus I couldn't come if it wasn't in Illinois

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My vote is for Orlando.

EDIT: I live ¤relatively¤ close and could easily test out hotels and scout for locations.


I probably won't come this year unless it's in Chicago. If it's Chicago or close I can still make it - it largely depends on the situation with other marathons.


As long as its in Canada i'm happy. If I can't have poutine every single day again like last time I will personally protest NASA

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You should do it in Toronto / same location as last year since I legit lived 10 minutes from there :^)

My more serious answer is keeping it somewhere Canadian since the dollar is still recovering.